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Youth Ministry is a division of the NuGen Ministries of Judah Church. It is a progressive ministry for junior high and senior high students.


Will they choose alcohol, drugs, and premarital sex? Will their lifestyles be conformed to what everyone else is doing? Will they choose the philosophy of humanism and view Christ as only an illusion? EMPHATICALLY, NO! the youth of New Light Christian Center Church are being taught about the importance of making quality decisions based on the Word of God. They are choosing that which leads to blessings, not curses. They are choosing life, not death. With the expertise of our Youth Ministry Staff, our youth are setting the pace for their generation.


The purpose of Judah Worship Word Ministries Church is to minister to the needs of youth between 1 3 to 1 9 years by providing ways for youth to understand and know God. Our challenge is to share and enable them to experience the good news in every possible way, using every medium and relationship to convey it over and over. The ultimate result is that they choose Christ!


The objectives of the Young People Ministry is to:

1. Enhance the spiritual growth of our teens through the proper and comprehensive ministry of the Word of God.


2. Enrich their development through special emphasis such as academic success, social training, and image building.


3. Encourage them to become involved in Christian recreation and activities such as camps, retreats, workshops, and more.

The ministry is operated with the same passion as any other special emphasis program at Judah Worship Word Church. The teens are very special to us and because they have expressed a desire to improve their lives through the leadership of this ministry, we are committed to making a special investment in their academic, social, and recreational lives.

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